Let’s look at the reasons why I want to trace what remains of you.

My grandmother always cries whenever she meets me because my presence reminds her of her daughter who passed away 13 years ago.
I wonder what kind of person you were.

Last year, my family decided to live together for the first time since you died.
To bond and be a family again, after being separated all those years.
While living with my family, I started imagining that you were there too and talking to me.

“Minjue, could you warm up the soup? It's dinner time.”

Everyone said to me that you were beautiful.
The most beautiful part of me, probably, is my ears.
Do I have your ears?

What part of you remains in me?
Why do I not miss you?
Is it possible to find what was maybe never there?
It was an accident, no maybe it was what I have been looking for.

Are you still there?

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