사라지긴 하겠지만 끈질긴 자국이라도 남겠지. 공동체에 관심을 갖고 개인을 주시한다. 치열하지 못해 세상과 멀어져도 결국엔 우리와 가장 닮고 가까운 것들을 담는다.

Minjue is a photographer based in Amsterdam and Seoul,
observing a community and focusing on individuals,
interested in something ordinary resembling the world and our society, consistently posing questions with a curiosity about what makes this society stable and safe.


2020-2022 / Worked as a researcher/photographer
at Seoul History Museum in the Photography department,
South Korea

2019 / Had an Internship at Amado Art Space/Lab, South Korea


BA Photography, Gerrit Rietveld Academie,
The Netherlands

AD Photographic Art, Kaywon University of Art and Design, South K

Project / Fair

2023 / <Polycopies> Photography Book Fair, Paris

2022 / <UNSEEN Amsterdam> Photography/Book fair, Amsterdam

2021 / <사진은 무엇이 될 수 있는가?>, the project supported by SFAC, VOSTOK magazine

2020 / <보스토크의 눈> the project supported by SFAC, VOSTOK magazine

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